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Y20 China 2016 was held in the People's Republic of China from 24 to 30 July 2016. Summit concluded with the adoption of the document, in which the G20 youth appeals to the leaders of their countries. Among others suggestions, Y20 Communiqué embodies proposal to carry out activities aimed at promoting respect for the planet's energy resources and energy-saving lifestyle. Delegates supported the initiative of the Russian delegation to conduct country's first All-Russian Festival of Energy Efficiency #TogetherBrightly. Members of the Russian team shared the information regarding key events of the festival with their colleagues from the G20 countries and offered to extend this practice to all countries.

As Roman Chukov, Russian Y20 Sherpa, says after the Summit, the success of the Festival idea among the Y20 delegates is not unfounded. ‘We offered our colleagues to focus on real actions, which our countries’ youth can undertake in order to solve the issues from the G20 agenda. Enhancement of the technological development level and standards of energy efficiency in our countries through youth involvement and promotion of sustainable development are possible exactly by means of conducting such activities, as Energy Efficiency Festival #TogetherBrightly. This is why we did not only present the idea, but also included this suggestion to host the Festival G20-wide on behalf of the all delegates to our final Communiqué to the G20 leaders.’

‘Idea of #TogetherBrightly Festival was presented as a youth initiative during the ENES-2015 Forum. Since that time thousands of people have supported this idea and participated in preparation of the Festival across all country. Today our delegation – Roman Chukov, Albina Shakirova, Victor Kalmykov, Martin Martinov and Elizaveta Tyurina – helped to develop the idea and to make a first step to promote our Festival on international arena’, - Anton Inyutsin, Deputy Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation, commented on the results of the discussion with the Russian delegation.

Full text of the Y20 China 2016 Communiqué is available at:

More information about the All-Russian Festival of Energy Efficiency #TogetherBrightly could be found at the official web-site: